'Works like a dream!'



Would you like to learn new skills like to spin a hula hoop or take better care of your body?

Are you an advanced level circus student and

would like to master your skills?

Maybe create an act?

Are you about to start your career and

have a million questions in your mind?

Alongside performing Veera works as a coach.

She developed her methods while working with top-level professionals all around the world past 15+ years.

  • Private lessons and group workshops.
  • Consultation and mentoring for young artists in the start of the career.
  • Choreography- and creation work to design an international level circus act.
  • Besides her specialities Veera teaches work-out,       body conditioning and streching alongside basic and intermediate level handstands.

  • Available in person & online.
  • Worldwide.
  • All levels welcome for beginners to advanced.

Veera loves to share her expertise in balancing artistry and fabricates 


Tightwire balancing fan

All balancing fans are handmade in Finland with 10 +years of professional experience in tight wire industry.

Them are well balanced and light to work with.

Designed for professionals and amateurs to be used daily, in heavy work load.

Available in multiple different shape- and color options and can be customised for your favorite.

Options for Swarovski stone decoration or a magnetic handle to hang your fan.

 Fabricated in adult- and junior size. Junior fits well for beginners and younger clients.

Shipping EU, UK & US/ Canada. Options for other destinations also. 

Ask also for BALLET POINT SHOES on wire. 

Prices, details and all orders, please contact.