'Performance quality rise to glory as Veera Kaijanen creates visual illusions by rotating hoops and dancing on a tight rope. '

-Vakka-Suomen Sanomat 

specialized in

tight wire dancing and hula hoops artistry.

Veera, known also as Miss VĂ©ra,

works worldwide for live shows and at online- and hybrid productions.


She is available for corporate- and private events and at variety, dinner- and circus shows.

She works also for photo-and video shoots and advertising campaigns.

Veera is a co-founder of Variety Acts Finland, circus & variety brand from Helsinki, Finland.

She is a master level coach and a consultant. 

Veera fabricates tight wire balancing fans for

professional- and amateur use.

For all booking inquiries and for more information,

please contact Veera and let's discuss the details.