'Veera Kaijanen sculpts pure beauty.'

-Svenska Dagbladet


Véra, Veera Kaijanen was born in 1987

in Helsinki, Finland.

She is a fierce and elegant 'Sirkustaiteilija' like it's said in her language Finnish.

The first photos of her with a hula hoop are from her being only 4 years old. A couple years later she joined a local youth circus called Linnanmäki Circusschool

It was a perfect match and at age of 8, she choreographed and performed her very first hula hoops act. 

Years passed by and Veera wished to become better and stronger, a professional performer to be able to make her living with hula hoops. 

Veera studied and mastered her techniques with both diciplines in Academie Fratellini in Paris (France) under eyes of Manolo dos Santos, Agathe Olivier, Christian Malguires and Elena Taraimovitch as her main coaches. 

She graduated in 2011 and has been touring all around the world ever since.

Veera has worked with prestigious companies like Cirque du Soleil and Pixar Animation Studios

and has mesmerized audience in productions of Circus Monti (CH), GOP-Variete Theatre (DE), Wallmans Dinnershow (DK), Wintervariete Balingen (DE), Schmidt's Tivoli & Theater (DE), Winterpektakel Hamburg (DE), Compagnie Tempo (FR) and many more. 

  • EU passport holder.
  • Nationality Finnish.
  • Fully vaccinated against Covid-19. 
  • Veera loves good champagne and her secret dream is a to buy a horse at age of 45.