Veera was born in November in 1987 in Helsinki, Finland.

There's first photos of her holding a hula hoop at no older than an age of four. A couple years later, age of seven Veera found out that there was a circus school in her town and asked her parents, if she could join. It was a perfect match and only a year after Veera started her performing career with the very first hula hoops act.

Veera kept on training, finding out that besides hoops manipulation balance was a natural thing for her and a little older age she got her first touch with tight wire dancing. 

She wanted to be better and Veera decided to follow her path first to Salpaus Circus Education and after to famous Academie Fratellini, in Paris, France to be able to continue her training as a goal to be a professional circus artist.

Veera graduated at 2011 and the same year joined a new creation of the famous Canadian company called Cirque du Soleil. She toured with their show Amaluna for years performing both of her specialities; tight wire & hula hoops. 

From 2015 Veera decided to return to Europe and work as a freelancer.

Now she is looking forward for new adventures and making her to challenge herself as an artist and a performer. 

Veera is a fierce and elegant performer. Her classy style and fresh energy brings together a breathtaking performance that wows audience all around the world. It has been said that her very high class quality of movement and elegant body work sculpt pure beauty. This mesmerising artist keeps on growing and growing and she is not afraid to push her boundaries as a performer. She offers always a high quality performance with elegancy and her high-level acrobatic and artistic talent to customers with high expectations.

'Veera Kaijanen sculpts pure beauty.'

-Svenska Dagbladet

Winterspektakel Hamburg 2019/2020

Wintervariete Balingen 2019

Sprite Finland brand campaign 2019

Allstars U.S.A Entertainment &

Maxx Royal Resorts 2019

Schmidts Tivoli-Theater

2016& 2018 &2019

Circus Monti 2018

Wallmans Circusbuilding 2017/2018

Krystallpalast Variete 2017

Cirkus Perspektive ‘Gynoides the Female Intelligentsia’2015/2016

GOP Variete Theater 2015

Pixar Animation Studios 2014

Live with Kelly & Michael

‘Oscar Gala Special Edition’ 2014

Amaluna by Cirque du Soleil 2011-2014

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