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Veera was born in 18th November in 1987 in Helsinki, Finland. At age of seven she joined a Linnanmaki youth circus school in her hometown and only a year after she started to perform with hula hoops.

After years of hard training she had her first touch with tight wire dancing and Veera absolutely fell in love. Veera decided to follow her path to Salpaus Circus Education in Finland to continue her training as her goal to be a professional circus artist.

Eventually she wanted to be better, set her goals higher and she moved to Paris to study in famous Academie Fratellini, tight wire as her main speciality. Veera was coached by the best; Manolo Dos Santos, Agathe Olivier & Cie Les Colporteurs, Christian Malgoires and Sarah Schwarz. With their support Veera graduated as an international level tight wire dancer at 2011.

Besides tight wire dancing she kept on developing her hula hoop technique with fantastic artist Elena Taraimovitch.

After graduating from Academic Fratellini Veera joined a new creation of Cirque du Soleil called Amaluna to perform as a tight wire dancer. Later on she continued working with Cirque du Soleil as the hula hoops soloist.
Now Veera is looking forward for new adventures and making her to challenge herself as an artist and performer. Veera is a fierce and elegant performer. Her classy style and fresh energy brings together a breathtaking performance that wows audience all around the world. It has been said that her very high class quality of movement and elegant body work sculpt pure beauty. This mesmerising artist keeps on growing and growing and she is not afraid to push her boundaries as a performer. She offers always a high quality performance with elegancy and her high-level acrobatic and artistic talent to customers with high expectations.

Veera works also as a COACH. She is available for private classes and masterclass workshops. Please, ask more information: or by the contact form.

CV – Veera Kaijanen – 2019